PDF orders include a copy of the score and parts and, if applicable, a backing track. Printed orders for the arrangements for flute and recording and two flutes and recording include download access to a backing track. Please note: PDFs cannot be printed.

There are three arrangements of this piece available. Please use the drop-down menu to select which instrumentation you would like to purchase:

  • Flute and Recording
  • Two Flutes and Recording
  • Flute Sextet

Instrumentation: Flute and recording, two flutes and recording, or flute sextet

Duration: 4′

Program Notes: Stacked (2008) is one of the first pieces I ever wrote. My journey into composition started with improvisation, and Stacked is a piece that truly captures that path. Constructed by a series of looped cells, each one was created during an improvisational practice session. After composing a handful of cells, I wrote them down and experimented with different ways I could work with them, eventually landing on stacking them on top of each other. These cells provided a foundation for a solo line, which also derived from an improvisational place. Stacked is simply a joyful piece in the classically happy key of D major, coming from a place of fun experimentation and exploration. An early addition to the Flutronix repertoire, Stacked was originally performed in concert as a duo with loop pedal. Available in several arrangements, Stacked can be performed as a solo piece, a duet or a sextet.


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