Discourse is a site-specific music, community engagement and social change initiative led by Flutronix, that aims to engage communities across the country in conversation with one another, and to present their shared experiences in an evening-length performance. The impact of rapid political changes has many populations experiencing feelings of fear, uncertainty and frustration, resulting in a divided America. Discourse is an artistic response to our collective need to examine interconnectivity.

Flutronix’s objective with this project is to encourage conversation as a way of fostering deeper community ties, while cultivating an artistic practice that showcases the value of individual stories. Commissioned by Carolina Performing Arts through the University of North Carolina, Discourse currently includes partnerships with the Southern Oral History Program, the Marian Cheek Jackson Center, the Community Empowerment Fund, and Global Scholars Academy in addition to faculty and student led organizations. The culminating work will feature present day narratives and history, with voices sourced from community gatherings and archival recordings, combined with an expanded ensemble of acoustic and electronic instruments. The musical experience will be paired with an interactive sound installation that can be engaged with outside of the performance. Discourse will premiere in Chapel Hill, NC, in early 2022, and Flutronix aims to deepen the impact of the work by replicating this creative, community-embedded activity in cities nationwide.

Community Partners

Southern Oral History Program
Marian Cheek Jackson Center
Community Empowerment Fund
Global Scholars Academy