Say Can You

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PDF order includes a digital copy of the full score, a performance track and a practice track with click.  Printed order includes download access to a performance track and a practice track with click. Please note: PDFs cannot be printed.

Instrumentation: Solo piccolo and electronics

Duration: 5′ 1″

Program Notes: Say Can You (2020) is a nod to American fife and drum music. The piccolo’s opening melody represents the question: What does it mean to be patriotic in the 21 st century, while the accompanying electronic drum sounds suggest a mood of organized chaos. Soon, the piccolo wails through a series of glissandi, conveying a sense of desperation or angst, until it’s finally restored to it’s virtuosic strength and ability.

Say Can You is a companion piece to Homeland (for solo flute), a work that explores the concepts of home and country.

Commissioned by The National Flute Association for 2020 Piccolo Young Artist Competition.


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