Radical Revelations

Order includes a copy of the full score and parts. Please note: PDFs cannot be printed.

Instrumentation: Reed quintet (oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon)

Duration: 10′

Program Notes: To be a joyful, whole, and hopeful person in a world that was designed to actively exclude you is the most radical of acts. Yet, to recognize the likelihood that seemingly ordinary encounters may unexpectedly turn into the darkest of moments can leave oneʼs spirit feeling weary. Radical Revelations (2022) attempts to capture this unsettling sensation — one that fits like a pair of ill-fitting shoes. From melodic dances that seem to be instantly subdued or tamed; to warm harmonies that never quite find their way; and stuttering solos that emulate undulating anxiety. The piece remains simultaneously at ease and in a constant state of unrest. It also leaves just enough room to defiantly radiate light where it shouldnʼt belong.

Co-commissioned by Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings, Bowling Green State University, The Carr Center, Michigan State University, Oberlin College Conservatory, University of Michigan, and Western Michigan University.


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