Our Adventure

Orders for a printed set of the score and parts for this work can be placed through Murphy Music Press: http://murphymusicpress.com/products/bb-921

Instrumentation: Flex band, five parts

Duration: 1-5′

Grade: Flex, 1

Program Notes: Our Adventure (2022) is a creative musical journey (and compositional game!) for beginning band students. This piece can be as short or as long as students would like it to be and can be different every time it is performed, OR, students can choose to commit to their adventure and write it down. The piece can be played in countless ways and gives students the opportunity to practice the fundamentals of music (dynamics, rhythm, tempi, ensemble, etc.), but ALSO, this piece allows students to explore their inner composer by giving them agency to make their own musical choices and collaborate on musical decision making with one another.

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