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There are two arrangements of this piece available. Please use the drop-down menu to select which instrumentation you would like to purchase:

  • Flute and Percussion Trio
  • Flute and Percussion Quartet

Instrumentation: Flute and percussion trio or flute and percussion quartet

Duration: 5′ 25″

Program Notes: Hammers (2012) was inspired by construction noise and other industrial type sounds one can hear when living and walking around the busy streets of New York City. While the sounds created are often cacophonous and erratic, there is still a sense of order and focus to get the job done. If you listen closely, you can sometimes hear ostinato rhythms and accented patterns. Hammers borrows these ideas, using the percussion instruments to represent massive tools at work. The flute is busy working through the noise, but is often interrupted and has to frequently stop, start and repeat itself, similar to when one is trying to communicate or complete a task while there’s disruptive noise. There is a moment when it feels like the work is quieting down and one can finally concentrate, but it doesn’t last long and sure enough, the noisy work picks right back up.

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