flutronix, live, Allison Loggins-hull, nathalie JoachimAbout Live at The Attucks Theatre
Flutronix’s Live at The Attucks Theater mixtape, was recorded at Norfolk, Virginia’s historic Attucks Theatre  – home to ground breaking black artists, including Cab Calloway and Redd Foxx – as part of the Virginia Arts Festival.  The mixtape is described as showcasing “a deft confidence that swoons the listener with soulful vocals, masterfully layered arrangements, and an incomparable live presence that makes one envious of everyone there in the theater that evening,” (Caught in the Carousel). Highlights include fan favorites from the duo’s latest album, 2.0, revitalized tunes from their debut album, and a Notorius B.I.G. and Outkast mashup not to be missed!