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October 18: Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia

Flutronix is excited to present a unique, interactive workshop to members of the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia, utilizing improvisation, electronics and collaboration. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with loop pedals, play with technology and read through original

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Flutronix on J-Wave’s “Mercedes Me Music Factory”

Flutronix were featured guests on Mercedes Me Music Factory, a weekly music show presented by Mercedes Benz and J-Wave 81.3, Tokyo’s most popular FM broadcast station.  The duo discussed their latest album release, 2.0, and their first Japanese cover song, Candy Candy.  A highlight of the

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Flutronix on Tokyo FM’s “Cosmo Pops Best 10”

Flutronix were featured guests on Tokyo FM’s Cosmo Pops Best 10, hosted by Amy Ohta.  The program, broadcast weekly throughout Japan, is a pop music countdown program.  Flutronix appeared on the shows highly anticipated segment called World Understand, highlighting one international artist that listeners

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